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  2. Xtac


    - Adena drops are now increased 5x that it was. ( Safe Farm / Solo Farm / Party Zone ) - Respawn time for Mobs at Solo Farm + Safe Farm has decreased.
  3. Xtac


    28/02/21 - L2 Siege Weapons will cost now: 600kk - L2 Siege Armors will cost now: 120kk/part - DVC + FG Mobs HP have been reduced by 50% - Raid Bosses HP have been reduced by 50%
  4. Xtac


    - Hydro Blast , Hurricane , Prominence , Death Spike: reuse time have been decreased. - Frenzy , Zealot: reuse have been decreased. - Cancellation, Mage Bane, Warrior Bane: cast time have been increased - Balance Life: cast time have been increased. - Greater Battle Heal: reuse time have been decreased - Command channel "bug" have been fixed.
  5. L2 SIEGE DONATE LIST FOR SEASON 3 L2Siege Weapons +20: 15 Donation Coins Dynasty Armor(set) +20: 15 Donation Coins ( 3 per piece ) Epic Jewels +20: 3 Donation Coin ( per piece ) VIP Rune 7 days [x2 Adena]: 10 Donation Coins Tattoos: Tier 5: 10 Donation Coins Hero Coin 1 Day: 5 Donation Coins Hero Coin 3 Days: 10 Donation Coins Hero Coin 7 Days: 15 Donation Coins Accessories: 3 Donation Coins Augmentation: Active Skill: 10 Donation Coin Passive Skill: 10 Donation Coin Top Grade LS 76 x5: 1 Donation Coin Secret Book of Giants x5: 1 Donation Coin
  6. Season 3 --------Rates-------- XP x1000 SPx1000 Adena x10 --------GENERAL-------- Custom Weapons ( Halisha, LF, etc... ) Custom Armors ( Dynasty ) Custom Shields ( Dusk .. ) Custom Tattoos ( HP, Atk, Def , Speed ) Custom Accessories ( They give stats ) Stable Economy Multiple ways to get full Gear Full action server Hall of Fame Castle Siege No Clan/Ally Penalty Can obtain Full Skills even with lvl 5 Clan. All members will have full skills ( Doesn't need Royals ) Max People in Clan: 40 Ma
  7. 01. Always treat all Administrators, Game Masters and members of management with respect. Any act of disrespect to the administration, regardless of the medium, result in punishment. 02. It is forbidden to impersonate (pretend to be) any member of the administration. 03. Advertising, comments or suggestions of any other Lineage server is prohibited in any game chat or other media connected to us. 04. It is forbidden to use programs that interact with the Lineage 2, exploits or take advantage of any problems found in the game, in the forum or website that will benefit yo
  8. Xtac

    Some minor bugs

    All noted! Thanks for your report! Topic Closed.
  9. - When you go "Back" from any folder at Gatekeeper you can't go "PvP Zone"; - Hunter's VIllage is still a Combat Zone (maybe that's intentional); - Items that have wierd stack system (quantity can't be seen, unable to trade as a stack): Crystal Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A), Crystal Scroll: Enchant Armor (Grade A), High-Grade Life Stone: Level 76. Wish you a flawless opening tomorrow!
  10. Xtac

    Item Skills

    It is a feature.
  11. Asters

    Item Skills

    And one more: mobs don't lose aggro when you are trying to run away, but most important - raid bosses don't lose aggro too, you can take it anywhere except of town - then it loses aggro and resets. (not sure, is it a bug or a feature here)
  12. Xtac

    Item Skills

    Thanks for the report. Will fix them asap.
  13. Asters

    Item Skills

    Some more: Clan Reputation Item became unclickable again. :)
  14. Asters

    Item Skills

    - Duration of Item Skill: Skill Refresh is 4 hours, just like other buffs from Life Stones, but Item Skill: Spell Refresh and Item Skill: Refresh last only for 1 minute.
  15. Suggestions have been approved! Thanks for the Suggestion. Topic Closed.
  16. Noted and will be fixed ASAP Topic Closed
  17. - Would be great to add Adena to GM Shop for OBT period (needed to test Item Skills, augmentation removing costs 480k); - Goddard will be crowded town, you may turn it into a second hub zone with important NPCs for convinience (it will help Giran to be less messy).
  18. - Clan Reputation Item now can be opened, but it gives nothing instead of CRP; - Mobs at Ketra/Varka now drop High-grade Life stones and you can't see its quantity and can't trade it as a stack (just like it was with SBoGs); - Some original mobs at Ketra have not been deleted/replaced by new mobs (/loc 136744, -69032, -3224. At the southwest of Ketra).
  19. Hello player, thanks for your suggestions. First two are scheduled to be added. The buffs already exist in the buffer But we are also expecting few new NPC's to be updated. Buffer is one of them.
  20. Everything will be tested. And will be fixed as soon as possible, thanks for yout report. Edited: Fixed! Topic Closed
  21. - add Cabrio's Hand - Conversion to the shop - important weapon for olympiad - add Elexir of Life (S grade) to the shop - it cannot be obtained at Primeval Isle - scheme buff doesn't include some buffs like PoW, Song of Champion, Blessing of Queen, would be convinient to have them there
  22. So, what has been found: - Quantity of SBoGs can't be seen until Alt+drag - Clan Reputation Item cannot be used (Even if it says "Double-click to open" - it's unclickable at all) - There is a couple of usual mobs that haven't been replaced at Varka (dropping some interesting items) - I went to Dark Elven Village and... O_O (It's a standart gatekeeper, same is at Dwarven Village) - When you teleport to raid boss Hestia you're appearing here - Almost the same for raid boss Ember - Schuttgart looks like a hub zo
  23. Xtac

    Bring your clan!

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